SpaceLauncher for macOS

SpaceLauncher 2 Upgrade Guide

You can find the link to this page on the SpaceLauncher home page. Feel free to close this page.

This article contains information for users upgrading from SpaceLauncher 1.x to 2.

The upgrade should be seamless. This upgrade contains breaking changes that may impact your current usage habits. If you have set the option “After space key down, ignore pre-defined keys within x seconds” to a value less than 0.2 seconds, this upgrade (2.0.4) will reset the value to a minimum of 0.2 seconds.

If you encounter any other problems that I have not discovered, please let me know via the support page.

As a last resort, you can always downgrade to a previous version. However, these versions won’t receive any further updates or bug fixes.

You may be wondering if the configuration file is backward compatible, here are some technical details.

SpaceLauncher’s configuration is stored in ~/Library/Preferences/name.guoc.SpaceLauncher.plist. SpaceLauncher 2 added a new key-value pair for key bindings that converted from 1.x and added in 2. The old key-value pair in 1.x is deprecated. If you downgrade from 2 to 1.x, the newly added key-value pair will be ignored, and the other key-value pair will still be able to work in 1.x.